100% Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles
100% Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles
100% Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles
100% Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles
100% Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles
100% Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles
100% Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

100% Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

$ 79.99

The Hiker Hunger 100% Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles are the strongest & most portable poles available! These compact poles are perfect to take on backpacking routes, mid-winter expeditions and far-flung adventures with ease.

COLLAPSED SIZE24" (21" if disassembled)

What comes with your HHO Poles?

What comes with your HHO Poles?

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Collapsible and Extendable

Short, tall, adults, kids, whoever! The quick screw lock makes it easy to adjust to the right size for you. The poles can go from 24” all the way to 54”!

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For every Terrain

From climbing ice mountains to an easy urban walk, heavy duty 4 season accessories and a tungsten carbide tip won’t let you down. Rubber tips, snow baskets, mud baskets and feet are included with a CARRYING CASE!


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These are very nice lightweight, compact poles and have had great adventures with them. If you're worried about the length "slipping" like some reviews mention, just tighten the screws before you clamp down. Both me and my husband have had no issues doing it that way. These poles help me power up hills without using so much leg power and going down hills with these is especially nice - it takes a lot of pressure off my joints! I've noticed I can put in more miles each day with these and finish the day less tired than before I used poles.

Fast shipping, great poles, excellent customer service. Thank you Hiker Hunger!

Becca Holman

I weigh 200 lbs and these things held my weight with no problems when going down hill. My wife tried them out on one occasion after we got back to base camp and she loved them. she has a hard time walking as a rule on uneven ground and can not walk very fast. She was zipping along like a speed demon with these, which soon she will have her own set just ordered them today. Thanks guys

Robert Butt

I have loved these Trekking Poles very much. I'm an avid hiker and they have held up well. However, on my last hike as I was coming down a steep trail, on of the poles gave way which caused me to lose balance. I went tumbling off the side of the trail head over heels. Fortunately, I was only slightly scratched. When I made my way back to the trail, the end section of my pole was missing. I'm assuming the latch came loose and in my fall I launched it some distance away. I looked for it everywhere, but couldn't find it. I was disappointed to see that all the replacements are sold out. I depend on these, so I may have to resort to buying a new pair, which I didn't want to do.

Troy Tuttle

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Trekking Poles and accessories

Great product!!! Great quality, great feel, very well made, including the accessories. Very satisfied :)

That's so great to hear, Philip! Enjoy your time outdoors and let us know if you need anything! Happy hiking!

Used several times. Went to order second set for friend. You were out. I ordered the ones

Hi Larry, so sorry for the inconvenience for the carbon fiber poles being out of stock, they'll be back in stock soon! Thank you for going with the aluminum poles instead, we're certain that your friend will love them! Let us know if you need anything in the future, we're always happy to help!
Now we have our own

Bought first set as my B-day treat for our hiking adventure up Mt Kuju. Pretty serious trail - basically no switchbacks, and my sweetie asked if he could use one. Of course, I shared to keep peace :). He got his own poles for his B-day. They are great for old creaky knees and early Parkinson balance issues!

Carol, we're so glad to hear that you and your sweetheart are using your poles to get along! It's so great to know that they're not only helping you with daily activities, but that you're taking them along on your adventures! happy hiking to both of you!!
well built and beautiful

The trekking poles are very functional and stable besides being very attractive. I am looking forward to using them for many years to come. Thank you for your excellent product.

Thank you for your feedback, David! We know you're going to have many, many adventures with your poles! Please tag us in any photos on social media so we can follow along and happy hiking!!
Ew hiker

These are the ones I researched as the best. Being a first timer I had trouble adjusting the wrist straps never actually got them small enough. No diagram on how to collapse poles to pack. Just figured it out

Hey there, we're so sorry to hear that you had troubles with the straps and we have a handy diagram that we'll shoot over to you to help out! We hope you're loving your poles otherwise and we're always here if you need any help!


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