Snow Baskets

You can screw these on clockwise along the threading on the bottom of your poles (approximately 3 inches up from the bottom). You can use this basket on deeper, softer ground.  This basket is a bit wider so it will help in terrain with a few feet of snow.
  • HIGH QUALITY - 4 replacement trekking pole accessories made of vulcanized rubber
  • LIGHT WEIGHT - These are the lightest accessories available for your trekking poles
  • BONUS PAIR - Receive 4 accessories and you will have an extra pair if any get lost!
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY - Fits most trekking pole brands!
More Details

Our Hiker Hunger accessories will allow you to hike with your trekking poles in all 4 seasons on a variety of surfaces: sand, mud, grass, snow, stone, etc! Be sure to stock up on additional accessories. These trekking pole accessories fit the majority of all trekking pole brands!

Customer Reviews

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Love my Hiker Hunger trekking poles! Looking forward to trading mud baskets for snow baskets and hitting the white covered trails!

We definitely hope you have a great time in the snow this season, Janice!! Happy hiking!
On time, easy to install and work great

The baskets were delivered yesterday afternoon, as promised. We've gotten 2 feet of snow this past week in southern Minnesota and the conditions are great. I couldn't wait to attach and use the baskets. My poles have threads so I was able to screw them on and was off to the park in 2 minutes. It couldn't have been easier. I went out shoeing with my dog and we had a great walk through a prairie park. The baskets worked as advertised.

Snow Baskets

Awesome service. Great company!!!

Perfect substitute

Mud guards fit perfectly on my trekking pole. In the photo the original guard can be seen on the left, replacement is on the right.

They seem durable.

Not put them to the test yet, but they seem to be made of durable rubber. The trail will tell!