Rubber Tips

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Use your Rubber Tips when you are not in need of your Tungsten Tips. This will protect your Tungsten Tips from wearing down or creating any noise when walking in nature. Tips are also useful as a protective cover when traveling. 

We offer two types of rubber tip sets:

TPR Rubber Tips

Our TPR Rubber Tip set comes with 4 or 6 replacement trekking pole tips that are soft, made to grip, noiseless and shock absorbing. You'll want to choose this type of rubber tip if you frequently walk outside on dirt paths or natural, soft ground. These also work well indoors on smooth surfaces. 

Keep in mind, these are made from a softer rubber that can wear through overtime. These are compatible with most trekking pole brands. 

PVC Rubber Tips

Our PVC Rubber Tip set comes with 4 or 6 replacement trekking pole tips that are made from a harder plastic and the best choice if you frequently walk/hike on bike paths, pavement, or hard outdoor surfaces. 

These tips are wear resistant and not as "soft" or quiet as the TPR tips. They are compatible with most trekking poles brands. 

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Our Hiker Hunger accessories will allow you to hike with your trekking poles in all 4 seasons on a variety of surfaces: sand, mud, grass, snow, stone, etc! Be sure to stock up on additional accessories. These trekking pole accessories fit the majority of all trekking pole brands!

Customer Reviews

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Victoria Thomas
Glad to see the replacement tips!

Hiker Hunger poles have been indestructible!
One tip off, thanks for the rapid replacement.

Sam Shannon

Please don’t use me as a source. I prefer to remain anonymous.

Mary J.
Replacement Rubber Tips

Took a couple weeks to receive these but they fit, screw on but there are no visible threads inside. They fit tight and am anxious to get out on a hike.

Ceasar Verdelli
Great Service

Appreciate the quick response to my online order. Love the hiking poles (sticks) and they were in need of some new shoes.

Thanks Ceasar! I'm glad to see you were able to easily get some 'new shoes' for your hiking poles. Have fun out there!

Abe Bushansky
Rubber Tips

Excellent product for my walking poles

Thanks for the 5-stars, Abe! We appreciate you!