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14' Feet Hammock Straps

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  • COMPATIBILITY & SPECS – Set of 2 14’ feet long straps (28’ feet total) x 1” inch wide, 24 loops each (48 combined), weighing only 20 ounces! Comes with a free carry bag so you can easily store them!
  • INSANELY STRONG YET ULTRA LIGHT – Working load strength rated at 800 pounds combined. Tested breaking strength of 2,000+ lbs combined. We make each strap with triple stitched seams and we triple bar tack each anchor point making our straps the strongest tree straps available!
  • FAST & EASY SET UP – Set your hammock up in seconds with our straps! No special knots or anything else needed! Our daisy chained loop system is the perfect suspension around any tree, roof rack, boat mast, dock, large rock, post, or pole so you can instantly hook into any connection point! Set up and begin hammocking in just seconds!
  • ADJUSTABLE & NO STRETCHING – With 48 connection points on our 14 foot straps, you can hammock between trees over 30’ feet apart. No more worrying about the distance between trees again! Easy to adjust the height of the straps so you can raise your hammock further from the ground. Great for set ups in your backyard, backpacking, hiking or camping in the outdoors, relaxing at the beach, or hanging out between classes.

♦ 2 14’ ft. Tree Straps with 48 Loops Total
♦ Carry Bag

♦ 14’ feet x 1” inch with 24 loops each
♦ Weight: 1.25 lbs or 20 ounces!

We created the highest quality polyester webbing tree straps for our ripstop hammocks and offer it at a price that will not empty your wallet! We triple stitch our seams and triple bar tack every connection point so they can hold up to over 800 lbs and will never stretch! Our tree straps are top rated for a quick set up for any hammock within seconds. Grab our 14 foot straps with 48 connection points and never worry about the distance between trees ever again! Make your outdoor furniture simple with our straps!

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Super easy to use

I love the length and ease of use of these. The quality is superior to the others on the market, but way cheaper. The extended length makes setting up my hammock never a worry. You can wrap them around anything. So happy with them! They’re so awesome.

When you need that little extra reach...

These are well constructed and provide a lot of flexibility when hanging your hammock. I use them less now, because my latest hammock came with a smaller set that works well in my backyard, but I take these along when traveling for those times when you need a little extra reach.Five stars!

Holding up well, makes hammock setup easy and the length opens up lots of options where to setup

On Scout outings these are outstanding. I have a few sets of straps (20ft and 24ft) and the length on these are very convenient. It opens up a lot of options on where you can set up and these make set up VERY quick and easy.

Five Stars

PERFECT extension for my hammock, now I can hammock between practically any trees

Great Straps, very long!

"I've already used them and happy with them!

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