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Orange Self Inflating Pad

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  • ULTRA LIGHT, COMFORTABLE, & COUPLER – We created a rapid rise open cell foam that keeps our self inflating sleeping pad light weight while providing the comfortable support you’ll need for a great nights sleep. Our sleeping pad is the perfect thickness of 1.5” inches allowing you to be lifted above any rocky terrain, yet still remain compact when not inflated. You can even attach this to multiple pads to create a giant sleeping pad from your loved ones! This is always a huge hit with the kids!
  • HIGH QUALITY & DURABLE MATERIALS – Unlike other pads, we use premium 70D non-slip ripstop fabric on the bottom AND top of our pads. Our heavy duty abrasion resistant fabric will survive the most rugged outdoor terrain. Our pads have a R-Value of 3.3 making our pad one of the warmest sleeping pads on the market. You can now camp outside throughout the year with a warm pad even in those winter months and cold nights!
  • SELF INFLATING & ATTACHED PILLOW – Tired of blowing up your sleeping pad? Our self-inflating sleeping mat will give you a head start to inflating your pad! Our sturdy valves provide rapid inflation and deflation so you can set up camp quickly and get to relaxing faster. This sleeping pad also comes with an attached pillow so you can have a fully loaded bed with a pillow all in one! Never worry about forgetting to bring your pillow again!
  • CARRY BAG & PATCH KIT – We include a storage bag equipped with a carry strap making our pad very portable. The carry bag will easily fit inside your backpack and provides extra protection when traveling with your sleeping pad. We also include an emergency patch kit. You can’t avoid all issues that might happen in the backcountry, which is why we include an easy repair patch kit! Head into the wild knowing you’ll be able to patch your pad without an issue!
  • MONEY BACK PROMISE - If you do not like your sleeping pad or have any issues, we will refund instantly, no questions asked! We make sure that all of our customers, and we mean ALL, are 110% satisfied!

♦ 1 Sleeping Pad with attached Pillow
♦ 1 Storage Bag
♦ 1 Compression Band to wrap your sleeping pad
♦ 1 Repair Kit

R-value: 3.3
Weight: 45.9 oz / 2.8 lbs
Sleeping Pad Size: 72.8" x 23.6" x 1.5" inches
Carry Bag Dimensions: 8.3" x 15.7" inches

1. Unpack your pad from the carry bag. Roll it out flat on the floor.
2. The pad will self inflate by opening the valve counter clock-wise.
3. You can add additional air to the pad with your mouth until you have reached your desired inflation.
4. Close your valve shut by turning it clock-wise until it is firmly closed.
5. Open the pillow valve and breath in to inflate. Blow air until you have your desired inflation and close the valve shut.
6. Enjoy your inflated sleeping pad with the most luxurious rest!

We grew tired of having to choose between inexpensive pads made with cheap materials and over priced pads so we decided it was time to create the highest quality pad and offer a great price! We make our outdoor products for everyone to enjoy: thru hikers, day campers, backpackers, boy and girl scouts, and everyone in between. Our sleeping pad is the perfect companion for a weekend trip with your children or a solo trip. Our high R-Value 3.3 will keep you comfortable and warm all night even during the winter months!

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Customer Reviews

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Well made and comfortable

easy to use - toss it out and let it inflat. nice tough cover easy care also. hope to get many years of use from it

Lrange sleep pad

Seems like a great product. I am anxious to trail test it.

Very nice product!

I have been very happy with my whole experience with hiker hunger!!! Super fast shipping, great pricing for a quality product!!! I do wish it was a bit smaller for backpacking however I’m sure I can find another smaller pad through hiker hunger for that purpose, this pad will be perfect and wonderfully comfortable for regular camping!!

Wider than most, thank God. Pillow and snap-together features are GREAT!

I bought 2 of these orange self-inflating pads. I purchased them specifically for a few reasons:

1. Because they were wider than most and I have a large sleeping bag.
2. They have a built-in pillow which comes in handy when you don’t have room to pack a pillow.
3. They snap together. This feature is awesome when you want to cuddle but don’t want to drop off your pad or sleep in between two pads, because who likes that?

Initially, the order was sent out with one of the pads I wanted and one that I didn’t. I simply contacted Customer Service and they worked with me to get the correct pad sent out in time for my camping trip. They were a pleasure to work with and solved my problem super quickly.

The pads are comfortable and easy to stow away, a great investment. I will definitely purchase from Hiker Hunger in the future.

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