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6 Essential Pieces of Hunting Gear for Beginners

December 10, 2021 3 min read

Walking sticks can be used for more than hiking and camping, like hunting!

Written by Maren McReynolds - BMO Hunts

📸 by @gunslinger_outdoors_usa

If you are new to hunting, preparing for the hunt can be as demanding as the hunt itself. It pays to remember that outdoor adventures like hunting will require thorough preparation so you can succeed and have fun. From bow to deer hunting, you have a lot to learn, including the essential pieces of hunting gear to take with you.

The right hunting preparation can play a massive role in your success. While investing in asemi-guided hunt and taking your hunting license with you are a given, there are other hunting basics you need to take with you to ensure your success and enjoyment. Below are six of the basic hunting gear items you should never be without:

Essential Hunting Gear #01: Pocket Knife

For many, knives are considered a hunting essential. For starters, knives can come in handy if you need to dig small holes for setting stakes. They can also be used to create a blind or shelter. Of course, you can also use them when skinning a harvested animal. 

While some hunters might consider it practical to bring two (or more) knives that can be used to carry out specific tasks, a sturdy pocket knife is all you need if you don't want to carry too much weight.

Essential Hunting Gear #02: Trekking Poles

Trekking poles come in various sizes, and amazingly, they can be easily adjusted to fit your needs. Ideally, it would be best to opt for trekking poles that will fit your stature best. This is key, so there is no need to make drastic adjustments.

Trekking poles that are 100% carbon fiber, like these from Hiker Hunger Outfitters are a favorite among many as they are light yet strong. Compact and easily portable, these reliable trekking poles are not only ideal for hunters. You can also use them on mid-winter expeditions and backpacking trips.


Essential Hunting Gear #03: Camouflaged Clothing

As long as you remain unseen by your prey, you can significantly improve your chance of scoring a kill since you can easily sneak in closer and get a more accurate shot. Camouflaged clothing can also help you stay hidden so your prey won't flee.

Naturally, aside from ensuring you stay hidden, you need to ensure the camouflaged clothing you will choose keeps you comfortable despite the weather. When hunting during late fall, choose warmer clothing. In the height of summer, opt for more breathable fabrics.

Essential Hunting Gear #04: Scent-Free Boots

There are ways animals can keep themselves from becoming trophies or dinner. One of the ways they keep themselves safe is by relying heavily on scents that help them predict danger. 

Although staying downwind can keep your prey from wafting your scent, your tracks can also retain your smell and signal them of your presence. Investing in a pair of scent-free boots can help ensure you don't leave any warning signs in your wake.


Essential Hunting Gear #05: Decoys

If you want to entice animals to move closer to where you are so you can get a clean shot, decoys can help. Keeping them handy can surely increase your chances of a successful hunt.

Different decoys can work better than others during specific times and in certain conditions. Case in point: estrus deer decoys are considered effective if a second rut occurs or during the peak of a rut.


Essential Hunting Gear #06: Trail Cameras

Trail cameras help you collect data about your target species without constant incursions into your prey's habitat. Set trail cameras up along paths to help you learn about your prey's activity patterns and monitor their movement.

Place them around food sources to see if the animal you want to hunt frequents those locations. Once you have information about the animal you want to harvest, you can set up a highly effective ambush.


Final Thoughts

Start preparing for your first hunting adventure by ensuring you have all the essential gear you need. Your chances of a successful hunt are greater if you have everything you need in your bag and ready to go. 


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Read more from Maren McReynolds here. And feel free to leave any comments or questions below, we always look forward to reading them!

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