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Camping, Hiking, and Boating: Easy and Fun Ways to Enjoy Time Outdoors

December 10, 2021 3 min read

There are a number of ways to spend time outside and enjoy nature. Our down camping blanket can help you stay warm weather you're camping, hiking, or boating.

Written by Michael Longsdon

One of the best ways to get away for fun and relaxation is to spend time outside. If you live near a wooded area or are close to a body of water, these can be the perfect places to plan a camping, boating, and/or hiking trip with your family. Hiker Hunger Outfitters invites you to check out the following tips for camping, boating, and hiking so you can make the most of your travel this year.


Spending time on the water is a terrific way to bring your family together. You and your kids can enjoy activities like swimming, fishing, tubing, and water skiing. Being on a boat is also a great opportunity for your children to learn about responsibility and safety. You can even teach them how to steer the boat and plot a course. Boating is an enjoyable experience for the whole family.


If you want to get away and immerse yourself in nature, few things are better than camping. Scout out local areas to find the right spot; you will want a patch of level land away from hills. And make sure you have all the right supplies. Some essentials include a quality tent, a sleeping bag, camping blanket, a lightweight backpack, weather-appropriate clothing, non-perishable food, and plenty of water.

There is a lot of other gear that can help your camping experience go more smoothly (e.g., navigational tools, personal items, entertainment items, etc.), particularly if you have kids in tow. However, you can waste a lot of money by purchasing camping gear that you don’t really need. A good rule of thumb is to pack as light as you can while making sure you and your family have everything you need.


Hiking is another activity that can provide you with safe physical activity in the great outdoors. If you have several trails in mind, pick one that will fit your situation. For example, if you’ll be bringing kids along, you will want the difficulty level to accommodate their age and experience. If you are going solo or with a partner, you can choose trails based on your experience and ability. Also, plan your hikes around daylight when possible or plan to bring a headlamp with you!

As with camping, you can get as elaborate or as simple as you want when it comes to hiking gear. The most important thing to remember is to bring enough water and snacks, wear quality, comfortable hiking boots and use trekking poles to help out your joints if you're carrying a pack. If you don’t have any of the hiking gear you need, Hiker Hunger Outfitters is a great resource for finding great items.

Bring Your Dog

If you have a dog, getting outdoors is a perfect way for you both to have exercise and spend time in nature. However, you will need to make sure you have all the supplies to keep your furry family member safe and comfortable along the way (e.g., collapsible bowls, food, harness, leash etc.). Fortunately, retailers like Chewy offer great deals on pet supplies. Remember to pack dog food, especially a high fiber formula if your pup has digestion issues when traveling.

Spending quality time outdoors has never been more important. Consider taking a camping, boat, and/or hiking trip near your home, and take these tips with you for great experience. You might be surprised by how much a little time in the great outdoors can do for your body, mind, and soul!




Read more from Michael Longsdon here. And feel free to leave any comments or questions below, we always look forward to reading them!


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