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Hammock Strap Instructions

How to Use Hammock Straps: 4 Simple Steps

Learning how to use hammock straps takes on a couple of minutes. You'll want tree-friendly hammock straps, a hammock, carabiners, and two sturdy trees to hang your hammock from. 

It's so simple, we'll show you how to do it with some step-by-step photos, a video and instructions below. 

  1. Unwind one of your straps and wrap it around a tree. Tip: You'll want to wrap your straps at a height of around 5 or 6 feet, so your hammock is high enough (about 18 inches off the ground). 

  2. Locate the end with the attachment points and place the end with the anchor points through the loop on the opposite end (with the Hiker Hunger logo).

  3. Pull the end with the anchor points which will tighten the strap around the tree. You'll want to pull your strap quite tight so it doesn't slide down the tree. At this point, you may want to raise or lower the strap, so make any adjustments if necessary. 

  4. Repeat steps 1-3 to hang the other strap. Once your straps are firmly tightened around the tree, it's time to hang your hammock!

    Simply clip your hammock carabiner into one of the many anchor points and pull the other end of the hammock towards the second tree and clip it to the other strap.

    Then you are all set to get in your hammock and see how it feels.

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    Keep in mind, you can change which attachment points your hammock is connected to in order to adjust the tension and angle of your hammock. Once you're satisfied with the angle and height of the hammock it's time to get in there and relax!

    BONUS TIP: If you want to do some hammock camping or relax on a cooler day while still staying cozy, make sure to bring an outdoor camping blanket along for ultimate hammock camping bundle. 

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