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How to Use Your Trekking Poles & Hiking Pole Accessories

Looking for guidance on how to use your trekking poles and hiking pole accessories?

To extend your poles to your specific height, simply flip open the black locking handle.  You will now be able to pull out the sectioned pole.

To lock back in, flip the black locking tab shut.  To tighten so the pole will not slide back in, turn the clear knob clockwise.  Be sure to not overly tighten it.  Simply twist until no longer loose!

Be sure to not go past the "STOP" sign. This is the end of the pole and you should not visibly see the "STOP" sign for best results.

Use your Rubber Tips when you are not in need of your Tungsten Tips.  This will protect your Tungsten tips when you are traveling and need to store them in your carry bag or backpack.

Use your Rubber Feet, which are made of soft yet durable quality-rubber, perfect for pavement, roads & sidewalks. The softness adds shock-absorbency to hard surfaces – to help you grab the road & propel yourself forward but yet the strength adds toughness - so as not to wear them out too quickly.

This is your Mud Basket!  You can screw these on clockwise along the threading on the bottom of your poles (approximately 3 inches up from the bottom).  These are designed for mud, beach, sand or deep grassy trails.  They will help you prevent your Walking poles from sinking into the softer, looser ground.

This is your Snow Basket!  You can use this basket deeper, softer ground.  This basket is a bit wider so it will help in terrain with a few feet of snow.
When you are not using your poles, you can store them in the supplied Carry Bag.  The Carry Bag comes with a strap on the back so you can tie it off on to your backpack or you can also place it inside your pack when not in use!