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Sleeping Pad Instructions

How to Set Up, Inflate, Deflate, Repair, Pack and Clean a Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad


Take your pad out of the carry bag and roll your pad out. Turn the valve on your pad counter clockwise to open it. Your pad will begin to self inflate. Simply blow in additional air to increase the inflation to your desired level. Once completed, simply turn your valve clockwise to shut it to keep the air inside of your pad.

Have a pad with an attached pillow?

Open the cap on your pillow's valve and pinch it to blow in air. Inflate the pillow to your desired level and close the valve shut with its cap.


Deflate your pad on a smooth surface cleared of any sticks or stones. Open the valve on your pad by turning it counter clockwise. You will begin to hear your pad to lose air. Fold your sleeping pad vertically and then roll your pad toward the valve to force out air. As you roll, you will hear the pad releasing the air. If you do not hear any air escaping, check the valve that it is still open. Once you roll the pad to the valve you can close it by turning the valve clockwise. Slip on your sleeping pad compression band to keep your pad rolled up. You can then store your pad in your carry bag!


Your pad comes with a repair kit in case your pad gets punctured out in the wild. Simply clean the punctured area and dry it off completely. Then use the included glue to attach the extra pad material over the punctured area. Press firmly on the attached material for 1 minute. Leave your pad alone for 30 minutes to fully adhere to the pad before using further.


Fully inflate the pad and close the valve. Wash your pad with a wet paper towel with mild detergent. Wash off the detergent with another wet paper towel and air-dry before deflating your pad to store in its carry bag.