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How to Choose Trekking Pole Accessories

How and When to Use Trekking Pole Tips & Baskets

There are several ways to optimize your trekking poles by using the accessories, tips and baskets, on the appropriate terrain. 

Read our suggestions below to make sure you are choosing the right accessories to serve you well on varying terrains. 

Hiker Hunger Mud Baskets
Mud baskets are designed for mud, slush, beaches, sand or deep grassy trails. Sometimes you will not want to use baskets in thick, grassy areas as they could get caught up in the overgrowth but they will help prevent your trekking poles from sinking into softer, looser ground. They can also help prevent mud splashing on your clothing!
Snow Baskets
Snow baskets are designed to be used on deeper, softer ground. This basket is a bit wider so it will help in terrain with a few feet of snow. You can also use these in deep sand as the holes in the baskets will allow the sand to pass through while providing stability in your stride!
Rubber Tips are super versatile and used the most when it comes to hiking. Not only do they protect your tungsten tips when you are traveling, but they help quiet your poles while on the trail, they protect sensitive environmental areas from being damaged by the tungsten tips, and provide grip on hard and uneven surfaces.
Rubber Feet Rubber Feet are perfect for pavement, roads & sidewalks. The softness adds shock-absorbency to hard surfaces – to help you grab the road & propel yourself forward. This is especially important for those who use their trekking poles for exercise, as you utilize the upper part of your body in tandem with your lower body. You can burn up to 20% more calories when using these tips!
Rubber Paws

Rubber paws are shock absorbing. These rounded tips will create easy traction anywhere, but come in handy especially on very rocky or hard-packed terrain as there is more surface area to them.