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Questions on Trekking Poles

What is the best way to extend my trekking poles?

Evenly extend the three sections. You will want to avoid extending one section its entire length and not extending the other sections at all. This will cause a weak point in the one section that is fully extended. Be sure to extend all sections evenly to create a stronger pole.

My trekking poles keep collapsing. How can I secure them so they do not collapse during use?

Great question! Unlatch the flip lock so it's not latched down and tighten the screw clock-wise. Close the flip lock and see if that secures your section by putting weight on it. If not, try again and keep tightening the screw clock-wise. Just be cautious to not overly tighten the screw as you won't be able to close the flip lock. That should solve the issue of the section from falling out!

Are the accessories (rubber tips, rubber feet, mud and snow baskets) available to purchase by themselves?

Yes, they are! We offer these in packs of 4 and we even include a different type of accessory, our rubber paws! Take a look at the options HERE.

Are the tungsten tips replaceable?

The tungsten tips are not replaceable because the tips will last for years. Our first poles are still going strong after 2 years of hiking use!

How can I wash or clean my cork grips?

You can use a number of things to wash your cork grips. We recommend the Mr. Clean eraser pads. You simply need to wet the eraser pad and gently scrub your cork grips - that's it!