2.0 Carbon Fiber Pole Replacement Sections


Need a replacement section for your 2.0 Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles? Order here and we'll get one out as soon as possible. 

These replacement sections are specifically for the updated version of our carbon fiber trekking poles. So, if you have metal screws on your poles and are in need of a replacement section, you're in the right place! 

Choose from three separate sections:

  • Top
  • Middle
  • Bottom

*Replacement Knob Sets are not included with the Replacement Section. If you are also in need of a flip lock and knob, make sure to add that piece to your cart. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Perfect replacement parts

Got a new mid and lower section parts as a warranty claim, and they were identical to the original parts. Easily reassembled the broken pole and it's functioning just as good as new!

Hi Benjamin! Glad to hear that you’re able to replace the parts and get your poles working again smoothly. Feel free to share your photos and be featured in our social media page. Thank you and have a great weekend!

Great poles

The staff was very helpful and courteous. Back walking again. Bob

It's always our pleasure to help, Bob! Enjoy your walk!

Replacement Warranty

I had to have the two lower sections of one pole replaced under warranty. The process was quick and painless. HH responded immediately and had my sections sent out ASAP. I highly recommend HH and their equipment is top notch.

Thanks HH.

Carbon Fiber Pole Replacement

I was descending Lafayette Peak in NH when the world slid from beneath my feet and I tumbled on the slick granite. Thankfully, my hiking poles stayed put and my fall was quickly arrested. But, the pole that had lodged in a crack was broken at the joint. I contacted Hiker Hunger when I returned home, received a return call later that day, and after sharing a photo of the damage, replacement parts, under warranty, were on the way. Hunger Hiker poles . . . great gear backed by quality customer service and warranty.


I got my component and am very pleased. I think this company has great customer service and employees who seem to care. Hang on to your people H.H. they absolutely make the difference.

We definitely will hang on to our peeps, you all make us who we are!! Happy trails!!!