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Hiker Hunger Outfitters

Aluminum Pole Replacement Sections

Need a replacement section for your Aluminum Trekking Poles? Order here and we'll get one out in no time!

Choose from three separate sections:

  • Top
  • Middle
  • Bottom

There is no need to purchase an entire new set of trekking poles when you can simply replace 1 section and restore them to perfect condition. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Gregory Rudowsky
OK i got the Poles when this company first opened-years and years ago

well it took many years for 1 carbide tip to come off. that a a zillion off trail hike/scrambles in CO rockies 51 of 52 LV 52 peak club hikes and many on trail.
thats it . i amm 215 pounds and always use poles. they are amazing. so after many years 15.00 or so to replace a WHOLE lower section. wow

Jazmin Giraldo
great hiking poles

really durable and lightweight, glad i have these poles they are easy to adjust

John Fennell
Warranty Replacement Handles

I requested a new cork handle under warranty but was extremely surprised to receive the whole upper section of the pole! Talk about customer service!😍

Michael Davidson
Hiker Hunger extension replacement

While hiking in the Smoky Moiuntains, one pole got wedged betwenn two rocks on the trail. The result was, the lower extention cracked. Dealing with your organization for a replacement part was easy. You all were efficient and I quickly received the part. Thanks so much. I really like my Hiker Hungry sticks.
Mike Davidson

Maggie Pansa
Love these sustainable poles and this company

After several years of using my hiker hunger poles, I had the top section break when I lent it to a friend (who wasn't using it properly). I loved that I didn't have to throw away the rest of my perfectly good poles and could easily buy a replacement part for less than $20. Thanks for doing your part to save the planet, Hiker Hunger.