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Used & Demo Down Insulated Camping Blanket

 This blanket is still every bit amazing, but a couple of squares could be missing down and some feathers are poking out of the ripstop nylon.

Designed for everyday use, our camping blankets are an essential piece of gear you can take on any adventure. A technical, insulated blanket ideal for backpacking, camping, as a hammock under quilt, lounging and on-the-go, wearable, hands-free warmth.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Eric Steckmann
My family loves the camping blankets.

I purchased a camping blanket for my wife a year ago. She loot so much I bought one for my son for his birthday. When I saw the demo blanket on a discount I purchased several more for other family members. They are great. I use mine to extend the range of my camping sleep system temperature.

Oliver Tullio

Used & Demo Down Insulated Camping Blanket

Regina Piatt
Love these blankets. Even the seconds are great.

The seconds aren’t perfect But they were perfect enough for snuggling in! One had a clip they wasn’t attached, but it was included. And the other just appeared like it was washed. Both had nothing wrong with the blanket

Thanks for supporting our resale program, Regina! We're so glad we are able to give these gently used items homes. And like you said...they aren't perfect but they do the job well! Happy trails!

Evelyn Haack

Have not used but feel and looks great

Thanks for the review, Evelyn! We'd love to hear what you think once you have a chance to use it :)

Chris J
Wholly Goose Feathers, Batman!!

This blanket is both comfortable indoors and functional camping, despite it’s tendency to bleed the feathers back into nature.

Wow thanks for your review! Let us know if you have any questions or it starts losing too many feathers.