Rubber Paws

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Use your Rubber Paws (Ferrules) to make your trekking poles anti shock and shock absorbing. These caps will create an easy traction on any terrain.
  • HIGH QUALITY - 4 replacement trekking pole accessories made of vulcanized rubber
  • LIGHT WEIGHT - These are the lightest accessories available for your trekking poles
  • BONUS PAIR - Receive 4 accessories and you will have an extra pair if any get lost!
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY - Fits most trekking pole brands!
More Details

Our Hiker Hunger accessories will allow you to hike with your trekking poles in all 4 seasons on a variety of surfaces: sand, mud, grass, snow, stone, etc! Be sure to stock up on additional accessories. These trekking pole accessories fit the majority of all trekking pole brands!

Customer Reviews

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Much needed to use walking sticks inside. Thank you.

We're happy to hear that you found something that works great for you! Let us know if you need anything in the future and happy trails!
Great for my use

I replaced the small tips that come with the poles because I needed extra grip. I not only use the poles for trekking, as they were designed, but also as my canes, since I'm in my 80's. The rocker pads were "clunky." The small pads were okay but on the Zugspritze, in Germany, the small tips kept hanging in the holes in the ice mats tripping me up.. These would not have had the same problem. They are larger and offer grip at any angle providing extra stability regardless of the texture or roughness of the surface.

The four stars are only because the tips are slightly larger in diameter than the pole. Four wraps of tape took care of the problem. Will probably buy an extra set to take with me on trips, because they might fall off or be pulled off.

New pads great

I’m not typical hiker, as am old an have weak leg. I’ve used German hiking sticks and cane, but bought these for weight the round pads that came with it were not for weight and wore out heard clicking and could not find the angled ribbed tips good for climbing hills.
The new ones are great. I suggested a design with washer to,spread force and you’d already done it. I sing in a chorus and getting on risers or up stairs without rails need the stick. As important the light weight and wrist strap allow me to,hold it when singing with music in hand and so light not a strain
Lots ask me and when I let them hold it they are impressed

Super traction with these paws!

I love my new rubber paws! they're really grippy on all kind of surfaces, wet or dry. They do have some weight to them.... I'm not sure how you could add this much traction without adding some weight, but it would be nice to have the actual weight in the details of the product.

Am very happy with them.

Am very happy with them.