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Hiker Hunger Outfitters

Cord Locks 2 Pack


Sold as a pair, these are the same cord-locks on your down camping blanket carry bag. They work great for any cord-lock inspired project or gear. 

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Customer Reviews

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Heidi of the Pacific Northwest
cord locks

Good cord locks! Quality materials/construction so they grip well, and have a smooth finish that doesn't snag on fabrics. Opening is plenty large for two strands of 550 paracord. I ordered these in part for those features, but ALSO because they are an oval, vs. round shape, so they are less bulky, and more comfortable in certain settings. Definitely nicer and better quality cord locks than what's found in typical big box stores.

Thanks for your very descriptive review! I'm sure our other customers will find this extremely valuable. Stay safe out there!

Penny briolat
Live this blanket!!! Amazong

Stayed out in trail last night 32 degrees with high cold winds and in my hammock with this I stayed toasty warm . I used it as a top quilt! Definitely worth the price !!!

Hey Penny! Thank you so much for the positive fedback. We're so glad you like it and kept you warm during our recent rip.We agree that it's perfect to use as a top quilt for extra warmth and coziness. Let us know if you ever need anything, Have a great weekend!